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We take the whole you into account, your top 3 goals, and structure a health plan that fits best into your lifestyle and with your other care providers.

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What does working together look like?

You will receive a clear healing blueprint with expected results according to your goals + a timeline with clear costs outlined upfront. You will also be offered packages in order to make your care plan coherent and organized to optimize energy, sex, hormone health, and digestion. 


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You will leave with a blueprint hormone balancing plan, timeline, and offer for a package


Choose Followup 

Either in person or online


Customise Package

In Person or Online // Add Somatic // Add 5-Element Plant Medicine


See Clear Results by Month 2-4! 

Define your top 3 Goals + We will Meet them, step by step

Are you familiar with some of this?

Something is wrong

You feel that something is off, but tests do not show the cause

Get off birth control

You want to get off birth control without side effects

Painful Periods

Painful Periods are not normal


Can‘t get rid of depression

Hair loss

Losing your hair

Loss of pleasure in sex

Lost pleasure in sex life

No work/life balance

You have feeling like you have lost your work/life balance?

Planning a family

Planning a family and want to know the best time

No kids

The kids are grown and you want to live for yourself again

Can't lose weight

Can‘t lose weight

Boost fertility

Want to boost your fertility

No kids

You often feel irritated

I met Jordan when she was trying to get off birth control, successfully. She had tried to balance her hormones for the past 3-6 months, unsuccessfully. With my post-birth control blueprint and testing, she met her goals: By 3 months, her periods were healthy and her anxiety was gone…

Within 6 months she was eating freely, acne was resolved, and her hair growing back. She was brain fog-free.

– Jordan Anderson, age 24, Virginia

I began working with Casey when she was told that she would have to have her uterus removed because of stage 3 endometriosis and PCOS. Within three months of working together, Casey had her first “surprise period!” She was used to having excruciating PMS and periods for her entire life. At age 33, she thought she would never have children.

Within six months, her cysts had shrunk, and two years later, she was happily six months pregnant, naturally! I am absolutely honored to help her grow her family, without a single procedure.

– Casey, age 33, Virginia PCOS + Endometriosis + Fertility.

Emily came to me just as her partner and she had decided to try and get pregnant. She had a preexisting condition that can increase likelihood me of miscarriage and wanted to create the most fertile environment to create and maintain a pregnancy.

Emily said “Dr. Cope is a wealth of knowledge and comfort, and with a prescribed regimen of supplements, herbs, and yummy tinctures. I became pregnant naturally in only two months and am now happily in my second trimester! She has continued to provide support and encouragement and I couldn’t be more grateful to her.” (Emily now has a healthy baby!)

– ES, age 39, NYC

I began working with Carolina when she was already on a few herbs for hot flashes, lack of energy, brain fog, bloating, and weight loss resistance. She was doing everything “right”…working with a trainer, following macros, and had a healthy work/life balance.

Within two months of herbs, her energy had improved, her inflammation was clearly down, and her menopause symptoms had disappeared! We received her GI and Hormone testing results and worked for another two months together. She had met her goals of weight loss, and had more energy and a way better mood.

– Carolina Ravera, age 45, Florida

Any success story starts with the first meeting

60 minutes


Discount for follow up

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90 minutes


Discount for follow up + Cyclical Living Guide

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Yes. I am trained in nutrient-drug-herb interactions. It is not safe to proceed with generalized recommendations while on medication without a health care provider that is trained in both conventional and natural medicines.

I have training in both conventional and natural medicine. With multiple modalities including functional medicine, herbalism, Somatic work, and Five Elements, my specialization in women’s health takes care of the whole person. I continue to use remedies and healing methods that are equally as intuitive and validated in science and analysis.

Within three months of following your care plan, you can stop paying at the third month if you are unhappy / dissatisfied with your services. You will only receive a 25% refund unless extenuating circumstances are approved by Dr. Cope and her team.

No…. insurance dictates the type and quality of care you receive. Insurance also limits telehealth. And the state of Virginia does not recognize natural medicine as medically necessary.

Doctor Cope uses a science-based method of holistic medicine to get to the root cause of your dis-ease. Her approach combines ancient wisdom, science-based medicine, and trauma-informed medicine to bring you the best of all:

⚘ Functional/Naturopathic Medicine: Episomal Medicine uses multiple factors to help determine the root cause of disease including lifestyle, genetics, family history, nutrition, environment (community, living environment, and external environment, mental and emotional components. Determined treatment plan is from broad range testing with tighter values and your experience in your body.

⚘ Conventional Medicine: Current Western medical model

⚘ Somatic Experiencing: Trauma-informed therapy that works with embodiment and past adverse experiences

⚘ 5-Element: A branch of Classical Chinese medicine directly from texts used to address your spiritual health, emotional body, and physical body and how it relates to the cosmos, your environment, the seasons, your cycle, and your dis-ease

⚘ Personalised Care: Together, we choose the best plan for you. Between the group classes, health coaching, and medical care, you find your own unique system of healing to live your dreams, fully embodied, and truly you. We need you in this world now more than ever

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