Embody your cyclical nature + take your power back.

Applying the Elements to Cyclical Living gifts you with wisdom and connection to the cosmos, your body, and all that is around you.

Applying the Elements to Cyclical Living gifts you with wisdom and connection to the cosmos, your body, and all that is around you. It is organized to deliver information in a digestible, practical, and ethereal way. Using these courses standalone or alongside your journey gives you the tools you need to sustain your health in an exhausting, dry and depleted world. Dr. Cope weaves together the practical way to reorganize your schedule around your cycle, the moon, and your home/work balance with ease using the 5 elements as a framework for your cycle, the moon, and your home/work life.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Confidently track your cycle and know when it is a safe time to have sex for pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy
  2. Have created a schedule for food, work, workouts, and life that is in balance with your cycle to maximize creativity, productivity, energy, and rest.
  3. Understand where you are in your cycle and how your body changes
  4. Be able to record and interpret your cycle charing using FAM and know which labs you may need to ask your doctor for
  5. Have access and knowledge to safe home remedies for common hormone ailments including painful periods, fatigue, heavy bleeding, anovulation, and pain with sex
  6. Have a better understanding of your body, become more embodied, and understand the signs of a healthy cycle or an unhealthy cycle
  7. Connect to a greater sense of purpose and creativity through cyclical living
  8. Connect to a greater sense of purpose through connecting to Elemental Living
  9. Understand and interpret hormone labs using blood work or the DUTCH Test

September 2023 – 10 spots available!

The Elemental Edit

How is the information provided?

Each module is short, sweet, and practical, complete with handouts, how-tos, and audio to meet all of your learning styles.


  • ⚘ Learn How to Track
  • ⚘ Which apps to grab
  • ⚘ Beginning to Orient to Cyclical Living
  • ⚘ Charting
  • ⚘ Recipe Guides

3 Live Q + As, Thursday Evenings at Six PM:

  • ⚘ Personal Questions Answered
  • ⚘ Begin applying how to track your cycle to practical life : ie: scheduling your calendar
  • ⚘ The elemental wisdom of our cycles
  • ⚘ So much more
  • ⚘ All Sessions will be recorded

The Breakdown

Module One



  • ⚘ Apps and Tracking your cycle using FAM
  • ⚘ How to track, correctly
  • ⚘ Hormone overview
  • ⚘ Switching from period predictor apps to FAM
  • ⚘ Discounts included

Module Two



  • ⚘ Receive your Cyclical Living Calendar + A Meal Plan
  • ⚘ Begin applying your workouts + food around your cycle
  • ⚘ Switching from period predictor apps to FAM
  • ⚘ Hormone Shifts and education to learn more about how your body works

Module Three



  • ⚘ The Elements Applied to your Cycle
  • ⚘ Reasons you are so freaking tired
  • ⚘ Lunaception – How does this work in conjunction with the moon?

Module Four

The Heady Inspiration


  • ⚘ Interpret Your tracking throughout the past weeks
  • ⚘ Testing Inquiries + Hormone Imbalances
  • ⚘ Home Remedies

Module Five

Return To Healing


  • ⚘ How to connect with each element ritually throughout your cycle
  • ⚘ Check-ins on your greater sense of purpose, harnessing creativity, and how to incorporate rituals of reflection for each part of your cycle


In Person


  • ⚘ Relate and Revere Nature
  • ⚘ Listening + Observing Plants + Elements in everyday life

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What other cohorts have said:

By giving group members practical knowledge about their cycles (including a 3-pronged strategy for learning the best time for having sex to achieve/avoid pregnancy), as well as an understanding of what labs & tests should be used to uncover clues when hormones are out of balance, Dr. Cope empowers members to be actively involved in our own unique health journey. By seamlessly weaving the mystical knowledge of the Five Elements into the practical content that’s filled with insightful tips that we all need, Dr. Cope leads us to a powerful space…

the space in which we begin to grasp that a regular menstrual cycle represents a cyclical flow of one Element into the next. Each Element teaches the attentive learner how to best use each phase of the menstrual cycle to harness personalized feminine power as it was designed.

– CL, 42

I’ve just completed Dr. Cope’s Cyclical Living: The Elemental Edit Course. I just want to say it was amazing! She showed us how to connect with the elements and how we may apply this to our life so that we can heal our bodies and our schedules. She provided me with practices that now allow me to structure my month according to what my body needs based on the elements and my hormones.

I would highly recommend this course to others that crave connection to nature, and want to be have more control with schedule planning according to your hormonal cycles.


As I am no longer cycling regularly, this course has inspired me to use the phases of the Moon as a template for being intentional with times of rest and times to focus on manifesting a specific goal. And I learned sooo much valuable information that I can pass along to my grown daughter as she begins to fully know her body.

I encourage younger women (womxn) to seize this invaluable opportunity to learn and grow with each other; all under the committed guidance of a gifted doctor who generously shares her wealth of knowledge and her love for the Elements with each and every member!

– CL, 42

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