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For 10 years, I have been helping women to become their truest selves, increase energy, sex drive, and find hormone health sovereignty.

Alexandra Cope Doctor for Women

Some of the reasons people approach me:

Birth Control

Birth Control

How to get off safely
Natural Methods / FAM
Become pregnant



Hair loss / Weight Gain
HRT / Herbals
Hot Flashes



Egg + Sperm Health
with or without IVF/IUI



Hair Loss
PCOS and pregnancy

Emotional & SPiritual Body

Emotional & Spiritual Body

Somatic experiencing
Energetic Healing
Elemental Plant Medicine

More Questions People Ask Me For Help WIth:

Loss of energy
Weight Loss


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“When we access knowledge and wisdom of our own bodies, we reclaim our power to make medical decisions from insurance-based systems. We paradigmatically hold the power of our own destiny for ourselves and generations to come.”



Bachelor of Science Psychology + Biology, Honors


New England School of Homeopathy Certificate


Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine, NUNM, Licensed by Oregon Board


School of Divine Wonder + Herbal Wisdom 3-year certification (Elemental Plant Medicine + Flower Essence Therapy)


Mercier Therapy Fertility Practitioner


Certificate Herbalism from Fire Rose Farm – 5 Element Flower Essence Practitioner


Somatic Experiencing, Advanced Training


Fertility Specialist Jacklyn Chasse Perfect Fertility Program

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People trust me because, for 10 years , I have been studying the sciences that affect women‘s health and give healing in practice for years. In my work, I combine the results of modern medicine and knowledge that has existed for thousands of years.It allows me to investigate the cause more deeply and provide the best solution!

Dr. Alexandra Cope Natural Herbs and Remedies

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With my help


Children were born


Women have gotten rid of painful periods


Children were born

I’m proud to have such clients:

I found Dr Cope just as my partner and I had decided to try and get pregnant. I have a preexisting condition that can increase likelihood of miscarriage and I was interested to learn how to create the most fertile environment to create and maintain a pregnancy. I became pregnant naturally in only two months and am now happily in my second trimester!

-ES, age 39, NYC

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Dr. Cope is a miracle worker when it comes to balancing hormones and regulating menstrual flow and cycles. Her holistic practices make her work truly healing. She’s not treating symptoms, she’s digging deep to get to the root of your concerns.


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When I first came to Dr. Cope, I was a newly wed and unable to have sex. She referred me to the correct Doctors while I worked on my gut health and took herbs to ensure I would have a healthy baby. Today, I am 6 months pregnant and my husband and I are just ecstatic. She is warm, calming, funny, and knowledgable.

-EL, 24

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Dr. Alex is a compassionate, devoted advocate, health care coach and health care provider with a generous heart. She is thorough and easy to talk to about ANY concerns. She is tireless in finding answers for her patients and diligent about continuing her own education so that she may deliver the BEST care possible. I knew this from the time and space and plan we laid from our first visit.

– Mu E. Olympia, Wa

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My journey with Dr. Cope has been focused on two complicated facets of women’s health: discontinuing birth control pills and entering the perimenopausal stage. Dr. Cope’s careful recommendations for supplements, her sound nutritional guidance, and timely ordering of lab testing have made both of these difficult transitions so much easier!

-Celia Layman, 49 Harrisonburg VA

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