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Embrace Health Sovereignty and Achieve Higher Health Beyond Birth Control in Just 16 Weeks

Overcome the challenges of life post birth control, even if past attempts have failed. This care plan, crafted by Doctor Cope and Celia Layman, offers a clear, manageable path to success.

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Post Birth Control

The 4-Month PBC Care Plan: A Journey to Better Health

Designed by healthcare experts, this plan combines in-person and online group/individual care. Each step is focused on achieving one health goal at a time, supported by an exclusive app for comprehensive guidance

Post Birth Control Care Co-op Features

App Access

Gain Free Access to Our Post Birth Control App – Your guide to natural contraception, health challenges, and more.

Tools & Resources

Learn true health sovereignty with resources accessible beyond the program.

Live Sessions

Join Weekly Q+A Sessions with Doctor Cope, scheduled outside regular working hours.


Be part of a Powerful Private Community for support and shared experiences.

Daily Health Tasks

Engage with Simple, Actionable Daily Tasks for consistent progress.

Proven Results

94% of clients report achieving higher health goals without birth control.

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A message from past participants

I have loved working with Dr Cope. She has been extremely helpful in getting my hormones balanced and I’ve been feeling more like myself. Highly Recommended!

– Sunnie Barr, age 37

I have really enjoyed my time with Dr. Cope so far! Before working with her, I had been to a few different doctors including gynecologists and even a naturopath. But my painful periods as well as other hormonal symptoms would not subside. Within 2.5 months with Dr. Cope my the pain that came with my period drastically decreased and I was relieved of quite a few other symptoms. I am excited to see how the rest of my healing journey goes as Dr. Cope is extremely knowledgable, kind, and truly wants to help each of her patients.

– Calli, age 29

Dr. Cope is a miracle worker when it comes to balancing hormones and regulating menstrual flow and cycles. Her holistic practices make her work truly healing. She’s not treating symptoms, she’s digging deep to get to the root of your concerns. I love that I get so much time with her during each visit. I feel heard. I feel seen. I feel as though I am a part of my own treatment and I feel like I am in good, caring hands. I did not feel that with my previous GP’s and that’s exactly why I found an ND. Little did I know, I also found an amazing human being. Dr. Cope is the best and I would recommend her to anyone. She’s brilliant!

– Karena, age 38

Dr. Cope is amazing!! I came to her with painful periods, hormonal acne, and stress. She had me take hormone tests, and I did somatic experiencing with her (I highly recommend!), then we decided on what herbs and lifestyle changes to make. Now, six months later, I have pain-free periods and my acne and stress are under control and SO MUCH better. I cannot recommend enough and she has truly changed my life forever. Thank you Dr. Cope!!

– Hanna Krauss, age 25

The Breakdown

Month One


Post BC Blueprint & Health Preparation

  • ⚘ 4 group meetings
  • ⚘ 60 minutes with Doctor Cope one-on-one

Month Two

Deep Dive

Retreat & Lab Testing

  • ⚘ DUTCH Testing
  • ⚘ Overnight Retreat (opt) 
  • ⚘ 4 group meetings

Month Three


Evaluation and Guidance

  • ⚘ 30 mins with Doc Cope one-on-one
  • ⚘ 4 group meetings

Month Four


Sustaining Health Post-BC

  • ⚘ 4 group meetings
  • ⚘ Continuing Life without BC
  • ⚘ How to maintain health after our work together

Dr. Cope, alongside Celia Layman, brings a wealth of expertise to the Post Birth Control Care Co-Op. Her approach combines medical knowledge with holistic health strategies, focusing on empowering women in their post-birth control journey.

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