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At the meeting, we will get to know each other. You will tell about your situation. I will ask you the necessary questions and we will outline an action plan for your recovery. We will adjust it to your lifestyle and take into account all the important recommendations of your therapist.

After the meeting, you will have an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve what you want with detailed recommendations from Dr. Cope.


Dr. Cope’s Elemental Cyclical Living Pocket Guide

For those who have taken advantage of the special offer, I will provide an immediate access to a guide on understanding the elements associated with your hormonal fluctuations.

With it, you will know how to influence your physical and emotional state.

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* Only 5 appointments a week are available


How to prepare for the meeting?


Gather your existing labs, if available

There’s no need to get new labs, as my lab panels are generally more extensive


Gather a list of any supplements you take


Download Zoom on your phone or computer


Grab your partner (fertility appointments only)

What do clients say after the first consultation?

Dr. Cope was the first doctor after seeing several “specialists” that reviewed my labs and explained what they meant. She was able to interpret what is triggering imbalances and suggest changes beyond taking a pill. She had a plan making me finally feel like I had been heard.

Kelly C, Houston

At my very first visit, Dr. Cope put me at ease with her smile, warmth, and sense of humor. When it came to hormone health, I recognized that she was knowledgeable and articulate. When it came to my personal story, I noticed that she was a compassionate listener.

C.L. Harrisonburg, VA

Before working with Dr. Cope, I had been to a few different doctors including gynecologists and even a naturopath. But my painful periods as well as symptoms would not subside. Within 2.5 months with Dr. Cope my the pain that came with my period drastically decreased and I was relieved of quite a few other symptoms. Dr. Cope is extremely knowledgeable and kind.


My first visit with Dr. Cope gave me so much more insight than any other doctor. I truly felt heard and she took the time to thoroughly investigate what was going on with my body and discuss the results I was looking for. She helped with my heavy cycles, taught me how to tract them so I could utilize a natural birth control method among a couple other ailments I had. I highly recommend her as she can provide much more than a regular doctor.

H.L., Virginia Beach, VA

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60 minute meeting with an expert, who has devoted 10 years to the study of women’s health

+ Elemental Cyclical Living Pocket Guide

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