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Become Pregnant

Infertility is frustrating.  In fact, it is named as one of the topmost stressful diagnoses behind cancer.  The options out there are endless and can end up costing thousands and thousands of dollars, failed attempts, and lost time.  This society has become so dried out, toxic, and blab, that we, womyn + men, are becoming less fertile by the day.  By 2048, it is predicted that there will be no more viable sperm left.  

60% of couples successfully conceive in the first 3 months of trying. Why wait until the 1-year mark to go through a battery of testing that will likely lead to “unexplained”, Clomid, then IVF, or IUI? 

The truth of the matter is, a fertility journey is a vitality journey.  It is a journey that not only prepares for the end result, a baby.  It holds your entire family through the highs, lows, frustrations, and sadness in order to deliver a healthier baby into a home that is healthier for the next generations to come.  

  • Fertility journey
  • Mercier Therapy
  • Biphasic Tinctures
  • IVF/IUI assistance
  • Total functional hormone assessment
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Drug-Nutrient Interactions
  • Egg Quality
  • Uterine Lining
  • Sperm Quality
  • Trauma & Women's Health using Somatic Experiencing

Why integrated?

As an fertility integrative specialist, I thrive in the unexplained.  Often, your lab values are marked with outdated research, rather than using the latest WHO lab values for optimal fertility.  Often, there are simple nutrients and supplements that are missing in your daily life.  Mercier Therapy is an effective compliment to any fertility journey and natural conception. Mercier is site-specific, manual soft tissue therapy—is valid as a standalone treatment and with assisted reproductive technologies to help women become pregnant. Dr. Cope’s whole body, family, and home approach sets you up for success in way that not only leads to a baby, but also changes your entire family dynamic to be healthier.  Somatics, targeted nutrients and lifestyle set your egg, sperm, and future baby up to inherit the healthiest of both parents familial lines. Thus, as epigenetic shifts take place in utero and in development, your child has the best environment in place to grow in true health.  


How it works

in your first fertility journey visit with Doctor Cope, she will look at your intake form with you and your partner, establishing the next best steps to take.  Expect a 90-120 minute intake for both of you.  You will leave with a robust list of recommendations to begin, including dietary considerations, lifestyle considerations, labs that your Doctor may not have ordered yet, and what to expect next. 

Depending on your timeline and goals, Dr. Cope and your family will choose the correct package from the first or second visit.  Once you are committed to a package, you will receive a detailed treatment booklet, complete with referral recommendations, laboratory recommendations, food guides + lifestyle guides.  

She walks you through your cycle in a gentle way, using the path of least resistance.  You can even begin to manage your lifestyle and fertility journey using your hormone cycle on your side. 

You may choose to apply somatic experiencing as part of your prenatal planning or elemental medicine.   

You can use Dr. Cope’s expertise in family planning, alongside IVF/IUI, or for a natural conception.  Dr. Cope has over 200 hours of fertility training, including Dr. Jacklyn Chasse of Perfect Fertility and Jennifer Mercier, found of Mercier Therapy.  With her unique training, you can customise your fertility journey with a combination of effective therapies that fits best into your family planning and life.  Read more about Mercier Therapy.

Baby Stories

I found Dr Cope just as my partner and I had decided to try and get pregnant. I have a preexisting condition that can increase likelihood me of miscarriage and I was interested to learn how to create the most fertile environment to create and maintain a pregnancy. Dr Cope was a wealth of knowledge and comfort, and with a prescribed regimen of supplements, herbs, and yummy tinctures I became pregnant naturally in only two months and am now happily in my second trimester! She has continued to provide support and encouragement and I couldn't be more grateful to her.   -ES, age 39, NYC

I was not planning on having a baby!  But with Doctor Cope's care, I became a mother of four.  I had the most dream delivery and motherhood experience with her care and at age 42, it was the healthiest pregnancy and delivery I have experienced!  -FW, age 42, DC

After a heartbreaking experience using IVF,  4 miscarriages, and one still birth, I found Dr. Cope.  We had missed so much in our fertility journey!  I thought we ate healthy, exercised, and more, but there were some key pieces in my life that I had to address before motherhood.  Now, my husband and I have a healthy 3 month old BOY!  I cannot be more thankful for Mercier Therapy, Dr. Cope's gentle guidance, and our family!  thank you so much! -DN, age 38, CA

Balance Hormones

I work with women in transition menses through menopause in order to educate them on the best options for sex, contraception, and hormone management.

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Painful Periods
  • Acne & skin issues are usually due to hormone imbalances
  • Bloating, Parasitic Infections, SIBO, Constipation
  • Trauma & Women's Health using Somatic Experiencing


PCOS Symptoms + Complications include

 irregular absent periods, anovulation, acne, hair growth on the face and belly, frustrating weight gain, hair loss, depression.

PCOS is often associated with Diabetes, blood sugar dysregulation, metabolic issues, and cholesterol issues, along with thyroid issues.  Women who become pregnant with PCOS have an increased risk for gestational diabetes and repeated miscarriage.  

Yet, over 50% of PCOS cases go unnoticed and mistreated.  And if women have been diagnosed, are left with nothing more but hormonal contraception, brochure, and metformin, at times Spiro for acne.

Heal PCOS with Dr. Cope

Dr. Cope approaches PCOS using the entire endocrine system in mind, using herbs, nutrients, and lifestyle.  You can truly expect to have a regular pain-free period and for many symptoms of PCOS to be reversed.  In your first visit, you will be asked to begin tracking your cycle using the Read Your Body App paired with the Temp Drop Thermometer. After spending 60-90 minutes with Dr. Cope, you will receive a complete treatment plan, laboratory recommendations. 

Client Stories

Dr. Cope is a miracle worker when it comes to balancing hormones and regulating menstrual flow and cycles. Her holistic practices make her work truly healing. She's not treating symptoms, she's digging deep to get to the root of your concerns. I love that I get so much time with her during each visit. I feel heard. I feel seen. I feel as though I am a part of my own treatment. I feel like I am in good, caring hands. I did not feel that with my previous GP's and that's exactly why I found an ND. Little did I know, I also found an amazing human being. Dr. Cope is the best doctor and I would recommend her to anyone. She's brilliant!- Dr. KH, VA

I had no idea that I even had PCOS!  Dr. Cope helped me get diagnosed, with my diet, and my skin was clear after just three weeks on my hormone balancing regimen.  I am thankful I found her before I started my new job!  -MK, VA

We need more doctors like Dr. Cope. Her dedication to women's reproductive and digestive health and are essential as health care for all becomes increasingly difficult to receive. I've been so used to revolving door experiences when visiting the doctor, and Dr. Cope takes her time in understanding each of her patients' unique needs. I was experiencing eczema on my face and Dr. Cope worked with me to create an elimination diet (we discovered I was eating too much dairy).Otherwise, I would've just kept using cortizone cream as my band aid. She helps you get to the root of your conditions and best of all, she reminds you that you're not alone in your healing. Thanks Doc! I highly recommend Dr. Cope - give her a visit! - Deniz A. Brooklyn, NY

Befriend Menopause

Menopause is a right of passage and is a normal part of life.  The Perimenopause passage can range from a breeze to a roller coaster of your lifetime.  During this passage, 80% of women can experience undesirable symptoms, and this is likely why you landed here, on this page. 

  • Lack of sleep
  • Hot Flashes
  • Painful Sex
  • Brain Fog
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating, Parasitic Infections, SIBO, Constipation
  • Trauma & Women's Health using Somatic Experiencing

Addressing Perimenopause with Dr. Cope

It is important to remember that our endocrine system (hormones) is a complex symphony of over 200 hormones.  And if one is off key, it can throw the entire song out of tune. For instance, there is a cortisol, adrenal connection that can make your hot flashes worse.  Also, the thyroid and gut can be altered during this time.  Dr. Cope and you take an inventory of your health and symptoms together on the first visit.  From there, together, you identify what other parts of the whole YOU may need tuning up as you find more balance in your hormones.  You will likely receive a combination of supplements, custom herbal formulations, and lifestyle modifications.  Hormone replacement Therapy is an option, though there are many botanical remedies that are well documented to perform as well as HRT in managing perimenopausal symptoms.

Client Stories

My journey with Dr. Cope has been focused on two complicated facets of women's health: discontinuing birth control pills and entering the perimenopausal stage. Dr. Cope's careful recommendations for supplements, her sound nutritional guidance, and timely ordering of lab testing & imaging have made both of these difficult transitions so much easier! Dr. Cope's skillful implementation of a gynovisceral manipulation known as Mercier Therapy, her customized bodywork, and Five Elements Treatments have all been vital to my healing. In spite of some challenging symptoms associated with this phase, my overall physical health has been elevated to a level above what I could have ever imagined. Dr. Cope's innate ability to seamlessly integrate the physical and emotional/spiritual dimensions of health has resulted in a powerful life transformation for me. I have so appreciated her patience, kindness, and wisdom coupled with her vast knowledge of women's health. I cannot imagine navigating this season under the care of anyone else. I'm so thankful for this uniquely gifted and passionate doctor of naturopathic medicine!  -Celia Layman, 49 Harrisonburg VA

Dr. Cope has been very helpful with several issues I was not making progress on. The program she developed for me has made a big difference. She definitely put time, attention, thoughtfulness and all her knowledge into working with me for some solutions. -BJ, VA

Dr. Alex is a compassionate, devoted advocate, health care coach and health care provider with a generous heart. She is thorough and easy to talk to about ANY concerns. She is tireless in finding answers for her patients and diligent about continuing her own education so that she may deliver the BEST care possible.-DE, Oakland

Live Cyclically


The elemental fertility guide came to life as Dr. Cope developed Lunaception, a Guide for Cyclical Living.  


It is organised to deliver information in a digestible, practical, and ethereal way.  Using these courses standalone or alongside your fertility journey gives you the tools you need to sustain your health in an exhausting, dry and depleted world.  Dr. Cope  weaves together the practical way to reorganize your schedule around your cycle, the moon, and your home/work balance with ease using the 5 elements as a framework for your cycle, the moon, and your home/work life.  


In this program, you will receive

  1. Education on sperm + egg health
  2. Education on building your uterine lining
  3. Lifestyle tips for your body, soul, home, and family
  4. The top Kitchen + Home toxins that interfere with fertility, and the most cost efficient replacements 
  5. Education on female physiology + how to reorganize your life around your cycle so that you can biohack your rest/work life balance + 
  6. When in your cycle is the best time to work out for muscle gains, using both strength and flexibility 
  7. Detoxing Home from furniture, to food to water filters
  8. 4 week Fertility Detox Plan 
  9. Charting your Cycle, the fool-proof way to know when to try to conceive and if there are interfering factors such as low progesterone or thyroid issues, the first signs of pregnancy can also be detected here! 
  10. Why the lab values your doctor is considering as normal may be misleading and preventing you from finding fertility 
  11. Leaving the porch light on for the baby
  12. Keeping the fire in baby making with your partner 
  13. Relating with our original Mother, Earth and how this creates reciprocity for a fertile, nurturing home 
  14. Yin + Water nourishment to create a healthy amniotic home for you and baby


Start Date Feb 15, 2022


I've been working with Dr. Cope for nearly a year now and she has been such an important part of my healing journey. A main goal of ours has been hormone balance, so when she started her Lunaception program I knew it'd be perfect for me. Lunaception came at a time when I was calling in sisterhood, and that's exactly what this program is all about. Lifestyle changes are required to make shifts in one's health, and Lunaception provides a lovely container to get support from women who are also motivated to change their lives for the better. Dr. Cope is a wonderful women's health doctor and provides a lot of easy to understand information about our bodies and hormones, but what makes Lunaception so special is the spiritual aspect she brings to this container. You'll learn a lot about your body, but you'll also learn a lot about yourself and how to live with the seasons. The support I got through Dr. Cope and this container has helped me through a really difficult season of my life, and I'm so grateful to her and the amazing women I met through her program. -CH, VA

I was working with Dr. Cope when I thought I was going to have an ablation before trying to conceive.  This program not only saved my uterus, but connected me to the larger picture of health while I run my very full time business with my partner.  I am thankful for all that I have now after this program -CF, age 38 VA