Naturally Mobile

art work by Raven Dodson
art work by Raven Dodson

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We empower marginalized communities  through education and integrated medicine: allopathic*, herbal, and traditional medicine and body work.

We do this through science-based knowledge, intuition and ancient wisdom to be able to bring wellness to all communities.


  • To facilitate access (&resources) in order to bring wellness to all communities with an emphasis on expanding our services to Indigenous tribes.
    • The types of (resources) we offer are through treating the person as a whole through food and medical soveiregnty


  • To hold safe space for all, independent of finances.
  • To offer trauma resolution for all in need.
  • Engage in grassroots advocacy & organizing.
  • Provide the community with a combination of different medicines.
  • Provide education so you & the community can become empowered to chose the perfect medicine to fit your pathway to health.
  • Education for all with nutritional needs & facilitating access to local foods & community gardens.
  • Teach people how to grow their own garden (gorilla urban gardening).
  • Provide lists of resources including pharmaceutical companies contact¬† (they will give you your medication for 3-6 months)
  • Provide a means to exercise, Yoga, & other forms of preventative care.

*allopathic = Standard American Medicine

NOTE : This has been put on hold due to lack of funds & time, but I am not willing to erase it just yet, as I know there will be a day that I will pick this back up <3