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Outline for topics covered this week.

  • Basics of the Moon Phases
  • New Moon Bleeder & Full Moon Bleeder
  • How to log & ready your cycles
  • How Stress Impacts your Hormones
  • How to use the Formulas and what Hormones they regulate
    • the down and dirty of sex hormones
    • stress hormones
    • love hormones
    • blood sugar hormones
  • Other Methods of Cortisol Regulation
  • How to navigate this course
  • Resources

It's Time For You To Own Your Power...


Libido & Sexual Health

Dietary Challenges, Shopping Lists & Recipe Guides

Create Space for Effective Visualization & Reverse Engineering for Action Steps

Marry in the Woo with Your To-Do Lists

Learn which Hormones to Target First & The best Time of the Month to Do So

Moon Phases

Working within the Phases

BioPhysiology & Natural Contraceptives

Therapeutic Diets targeted for Hormone Specifics

  •  Waning & New Moon
    • Social - decrease activity, find more time for you, meditate on what is not working for you and list out what you can let go of.  Aptly called the Luteal List, aka the PMS List - which delineates the imbalances in your lifestyle and or progesterone deficiency.
    • Work - book less clients & meetings.  If you are in a traditional work setting, see if you can take more space for you at lunch or on breaks.
    • Energy - possibly a bit more agitated and lower.  Is it agitated because you are taking part in activities you do not enjoy?
    • Family - can your husband or wife help put the kids to bed? Where can you begin divvying out the tasks for your partner to understand?
    • NEW MOON - if this is the time for bleeding, it's the time to take a flower bath and allow yourself to die.  The parts of you that are no longer serving you.  If this is the time for ovulation, it's the time to network.  You will know more about where you are at in your cycle after lecture about hormones.  Short and sweet, if you have shit tons of cervical mucous and not on contraceptives, you're likely ovulating.
  • Waxing - this is where we up the ante and become super fucking stars, networking and weaving.
  • Full.- birthing a project or idea
  • Waning.- back to the luteal

It's important to note that the moon shifts in zodiac signs on the regular.  To understand that on a deeper level, I suggest downloading the iLUNA app and just becoming aware.