Empowering Womxn through Body and Lunar Literacy

Lunaception and You

  • Unlimited access to herbal remedies targeting PMS symptoms, libido, detoxification, menopause, cosmic unity.
  • Therapeutic Diet Education + Recipe Challenge
  • Meal Prep broken down to Easy Peasy, Feasible in your busy day to day
  • Womxn's Intersectional Health Education
  • Empowering you through recognizing the magick of our body's cycles
  • Reclaiming POWER through knowledge AND accessibility
  • Clinical Health Education delivered in a feasible way
  • 60 minute intake for individualized assessment.
  • 6 meetings; 3 of which feature Boketto Wellness for the Lunaception Personal.
  • Options for distance eduction are available.
  • Soulful Journeys

It's Time To Own Our Power

  • Body Literacy.  How many of us have ever learned what's really going on when we cycle?   Transform your knowledge into sustainable action so that taking care of your health becomes a part of your lifestyle. Become more embodied and authentically you
  • Lunar Literacy.  Observe the moon and your cycles together to use biphasic herbal formulas & more in order to harmonize your hormones and your life.
  • Optimise time.  Using the moon phases, we can reclaim our feminine power by finding the appropriate times to rest and when to get out there in the world, releasing projects, socialising, etc.

This is a call to action in order to reclaim the feminine in the traditional work week and how to integrate our 28-32 day cycle into a work week that was designed off of male hormones. This program is open to all bodies who identify as female.

This 3 month program will allow you to gain a complete knowledge and empowerment of women's cycles, how to maximise, balance, and address illnesses regarding feminine health.  You can take this into your community.