Balance Hormones

80% of women will experience hormone imbalance in their lifetime,  20% of women experience chronic pain and or pain with sex between the ages of 18-50.  Most of us are told that our experience in our body is "psychosomatic" or to take birth control.  There are other options.  Periods are not meant to be painful.  

Despite what your doctor may have told you, none of this is normal! 

Over 50% of PCOS cases go unnoticed and mistreated.  And if women have been diagnosed, are left with nothing more but hormonal contraception, brochure and metformin, at times Spiro for acne.

I would love to change the medical system to be more inclusive for female bodies, but because I am one human, I simply have these services to offer.

You can receive care either hourly or with a membership package. The membership is exclusively designed to align with my mission for truly integrated care to be accessible.  Because it must be knowledge AND accessibility combined to create power.

  • If you are experiencing Hormone imbalances, acne, weight gain or loss, digestive distress, hair loss, bloating, autoimmune flares, thyroid issues,  having to sit out of participating in life for days because of hormones, or troubles getting pregnant.
  • If you are looking to improve and/or optimize their overall wellness and for disease prevention.
  • If you have a current disease/diagnosis wishing to implement Naturopathic Medicine and alternative measures.
  • To receive individualized care on top of Cyclical Living Hormone Health Course

Want to know if we're a good fit? Schedule a 30-minute consult and I can educate you on your options.

*If you have an HSA account, feel free to contact me before payment


Balance Your Cyles

The membership is for  you if you are seeking care for PCOS /  Endometriosis/ Hormone health  and to curious to add receptive and energetic healing including into your care plan
(Somatic Experiencing / 5-Element Flower Essence Therapy)

  • 6 month membership - $245 month or $225/hour

6 month Package

  • 75 minutes a month
  • 1 acute
  • Functional hormone testing at cost
  • Functional GI testing at cost
  • Mold Testing at cost
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • In-depth lifestyle analysis
  • Nutrient Drug Interaction
  • Supplements at 15% discount
  • Custom Herbal Formulations
  • Constant Contact


Become Pregnant Members


  •  12 visits
  • 2 acutes
  • Fertility Evaluation for both Partners ($500 value)
  • Treatment Plan for both partners ($1000 value)
  • Somatic Experiencing ($500 value)
  • Beyond unexplained
  • Stress Relief between IVF, IUI sessions
  • Stand-alone or in conjunction with fertility procedures
  • 95% increased chance of pregnancy and delivery (Priceless)
  • Mercier Therapy Session ($650 value)
  • Functional hormone testing at cost
  • Functional GI testing at cost
  • Mold Testing at cost
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Supplements at 15% discount
  • Drug-Nutrient Interaction Assessment
  • Custom Herbal Formulations
  • At Cost Food Intolerance Assessment
  • Free 21 day Gut Reset Program ($249 value)
  • Fertility Detox
  • Uterine Lining + Egg Support
  • Sperm Support
  • Genetic Evaluation
  • In-home assessment available

Hormone Care with Doctor Cope

Menopause Care with Doctor Cope


Dr. Cope first found her love in practicing fertility when she started finding more and more people with undiagnosed and under-managed PCOS in her office.  If you think you may have PCOS, you are not alone.  

PCOS is responsible for 70% of fertility issues for women who are having difficulty ovulating.  Between 5-10% of women of childbearing age have PCOS.  


PCOS Symptoms + Complications include

 irregular absent periods, anovulation, acne, hair growth on the face and belly,

frustrating weight gain, hair loss, depression.


PCOS is often associated with Diabetes, blood sugar dysregulation, metabolic issues, and cholesterol issues, along with thyroid issues.  Women who become pregnant with PCOS have an Increased risk for gestational diabetes and repeated miscarriage.  


Yet, over 50% of PCOS cases go unnoticed and mistreated.  And if women have been diagnosed, are left with nothing more but hormonal contraception, brochure and metformin, at times Spiro for acne.


Heal PCOS with Dr. Cope

Dr. Cope approaches PCOS using the entire endocrine system in mind, using herbs, nutrients, and lifestyle.  You can truly expect to have a regular pain free period and for many symptoms of PCOS to be reversed.  In your first visit, you will be asked to begin tracking your cycle using the Read Your Body App paired with the Temp Drop Thermometer. After spending 60-90 minutes with Dr. Cope, you will receive a complete treatment plan, laboratory recommendations. 



 20% of women experience chronic pain and or pain with sex between the ages of 18-50.  Despite what your doctor may have told you, this is not normal!  


Endometriosis is a complex hormone related immunological condition that is sometimes associated with autoimmune disease.  Endometriosis can cause severe chronic pain, digestive distress, depression, pain with sex, and fertility challenges.  If you suspect that you have endometriosis, don’t give up!  You are not alone.  


In fact, we know that endo affects 10% of women in total, but it is likely endometriosis rates are much higher..  It takes 9 years on average to get diagnosed! Diagnostics are outdated here in the US.  Europe has approved a blood test marker as a diagnostic, which is still not used in the States today.  Endo is often not diagnosed or addressed until pregnancy is addressed.  Because, hey, women can just live with pain, or it may be all in our head?  Often, endometriosis is finally diagnosed at pregnancy because hey, we are only useful as baby makers, eh? 


Endometriosis is no joke and if you suspect that you have it, you know the seriousness of this condition. Endometriosis can debilitate women so severely that it causes women to miss out on life, work, and more.  Endometriosis related pain often leads to opioid overdose and frequent emergency room visits.  There are not many options to treat endometriosis once it is diagnosed via Laparoscopy. Most women are prescribed birth control and pain medications and sent home. 


Address Endometriosis with Doctor Cope

Dr. Cope spends time with you to identify other inflammatory contributors to endometriosis while using specialty labs, supplements, and herbs to help balance your hormones.  Because Endometrial cells are known to migrate to other areas of the body, it is absolutely essential to prevent further flares, seek any possible contributing factors that may be adding to endometriosis flares and manage pain as naturally as possible until pain free periods and sex can be achieved.  

Menopause is a right of passage and is a normal part of life.  The Perimenopause passage can range from a breeze to a roller coaster of your lifetime.  During this passage, 80% of women can experience undesirable symptoms, and this is likely why you landed here, on this page.  


If you are experiencing Lack of sleep,  hotflashes, painful sex, brainfog, migraines, fatigue and other symptoms, you may be in perimenopause and need help balancing your hormones to bring ease during this period of your life. The average age of crossing from perimenopause to menopause is age 51. 


The pause that perimenopause is known to cause is where healing can be harvested. 


Often Doctors recommend more extreme solutions are advised such as hysterectomies, ablations and/ or hormone replacements. 


Addressing Perimenopause with Dr. Cope

It is important to remember that our endocrine system (hormones) is a complex symphony of over 200 hormones.  And if one is off key, it can throw the entire song out of tune. For instance, there is a cortisol, adrenal connection that can make your hot flashes worse.  Also, the thyroid and gut can be altered during this time.  Dr. Cope and you take an inventory of your health and symptoms together on the first visit.  From there, together, you identify what other parts of the whole YOU may need tuning up as you find more balance in your hormones.  You will likely receive a combination of supplements, custom herbal formulations, and lifestyle modifications.  Hormone replacement Therapy is an option, though there are many botanical remedies that are well documented to perform as well as HRT in managing perimenopausal symptoms.