Details For the Copesthetic Cleanse


This Program IS for

  • Those seeking to address their concerns on all levels, meaning those who seek mind-body-soul balance, to release weight, to sync menstrual cycles, to increase energy, and to decrease bloating with gas, and other digestive health issues.

The hookups:

  1. Discounted Cleanse Supplements
  2. Discounted GI Regeneration Supplements are optional (case-by-case basis)
  3. Discounted Superfoods to supplement cleansing fatigue & if you plan to stay active during cleanse
  4. Discount from Greenheart Juice Cleanse Program


  1. Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation of your unique body to identify the underlying cause of any diagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms
  2. Workbook for the Cleanse
  3. The ONLY true Diagnostic Method to identify Food Intolerances
  4. Coaching on avoiding re-triggering of eating disorders including emotional & binge eating.

Community & Support

  1. Lifetime access to Copesthetic Cleanse Support Community
  2. Empowerment via knowledge of the program and accessibility to the cleansing tools that are Doctor formulated and matched to you by Dr. Cope
  3. Professionally formulated approach to re-balance hormones and lose weight sustainably.  Meaning these are both evidence-based approaches and clinical experiences in guiding people through weight loss & symptom elimination.
  4. If you do hit your weight goal early, we can keep going and I help you stay there (no yo-yo dieting!).  It takes 3-6 months to recalibrate your hypothalamic thermal set point (metabolic burner) and balance hormones (adrenal-estrogen/progesterone e/testosterone-thyroid).  Let's keep you there!!
  5. Options to continue re-setting.
  6. Bonus Recipes to keep your clean kitchen crafting fueling your fire.
  7.  How to ask your Primary Care Doc for the right lab work and how to apply it to your health care plan.
  8. Maintaining post-cleanse practices +  healthy bonuses.
  9. One week meal plan plus recipes.
  10. 2 Webinar Meetings with me (optional for local in Lynchburg at Iron & Grace Fitness)
  11. An Individualized Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Program based on what your body needs to recover from disease, prevent illness, and optimize your health.


  • Intro & Education
  • Intention setting, daily action steps & beyond
  • Prepping for detox & avoiding the flu Symptoms
  • Food prep  & shopping list (exercise on self-control bran)
  • Detailed overview of workbook, supplements & food elimination & reintroduction
  • How to avoid rebound weight gain & prevent emotional eating.
  • Intentions to step out into the world.

Product Title: Copesthetic Cleanse Summer
Description: Copesthetic Cleanse Summer
Price: $99