Food as Medicine: A Facet of Medical Sovereignty

I recently used the following tools to avoid a post-menopausal bleed during an estrogen surge. Knowing which foods help me metabolise estrogen was a vital part of this process:

First, I increase my daily Tulsi herbal tincture customised by Dr. Cope to 3 dropperfuls per dose instead of 2. 

Second, I turn to food as medicine like she taught me: 

I add freshly ground flax seeds  (at least 2 Tbsp) to my morning plant-based yogurt. Flax helps bind excess estrogen in my intestinal tract so that I poop it out.

I go to pumpkin seeds as a snack. They work similarly to flax seeds and the spicy roasted ones are yummy! Also, kiwi which is high in fiber and vitamin C, helps my body to make progesterone which can really help mitigate symptoms if estrogen is high relative to progesterone levels.

I eat fish, mostly salmon (wild caught) over red meat during this time. This helps my body to increase the formation of the “good” estrogens.

I eat extra greens, especially kale while I’m experiencing symptoms. This helps a ton because these foods are “chemoprotective” and support estrogen detox by my liver.

And I continue to avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates because they don’t help anybody, especially postmenopausal women still navigating unpredictable hormonal fluctuations.

Third, I’m careful to drink plenty of water which actually helps with water retention by flushing out extra estrogen. Staying hydrated plays such an important role in hormonal balance.

Fourth, I maintain my commitment to bi-monthly Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Cope for increasing my capacity to manage stress.

And last, but certainly not least, I hear the message from my body that this is a time for more naps and extra rest. This helps to keep cortisol under control so that my estrogen and progesterone levels can return to a more harmonious existence with each other. I continue to exercise and listen to my body to learn when I need to back off a bit. Regular exercise also helps my body to decrease my estrogen levels and helps me manage stress by getting me out of my head. And I’m careful with my boundaries with my friends and family in hopes of avoiding unnecessary stress during this time.

Using these tools helped me to get through a recent estrogen surge without a postmenopausal bleed. That’s BIG.

Did you know that these principles, along with the Five Elements, represent the heart of Dr. Cope’s Cyclical Living course? Guided by the Lunar Cycle, the Moon’s wisdom applies to you… whether you are cycling, perimenopausal, or postmenopausal. And it’s waiting to be discovered!

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