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Spring Tune In & Up


To all my liver lover health geeks n freaks: Spring is your time. The liver and gall bladder are the official directors for the next few months.

This is the time for our visionary selves to be in full throttle.  This is the time for vision boards, planners, and actions. In accounting world, Q1 begins in January.  In a decolonized medicine world, Q1 begins in the Spring.  This is the time to make feasible action steps for all your greatest dreams to become a reality.

We can be color coded planner fanatics.  In reality, as we walk out the door, we are subject to a reactionary state.  Traffic may create delays, our lunch may take a tumble and tahini is all over the newly detailed car, or there could be a true emergency.  When in balance, wood gives us that executive planning with flexibility.  Not only does wood allow us to go with the flow in a smooth state, but it governs the blood which reacts orderly (in a well individual).  Vis medicatrix naturae is a Latin term preached to me over and over in school.  It is the body’s ability to heal that automatically delivers blood, which carries the cells necessary for our body to heal a cut and keep the flow going at a steady smooth rate. In the 5 element world, this is wood.  Account for flexibility in all that you do. This is Yoga.

The liver balances hormones, stores energy, B vitamins, and keeps us moving in a toxic world.  This is why we need to cleanse in the Spring.  The gallbladder is the perfect accessory to the outfit of the liver.  The gall bladder stores the bile salts needed to emulsify and bind to fats so that the liver may do her thing with ease.

Studying the Liver official, I cannot help but geek out over the parallel roles she plays in Chinese Medicine and biophysiology.  It is likely my favorite organ, especially working with Women’s Health.  I almost always have patients work to cleanse their liver in protocols for hormone balancing, balancing cholesterol levels, and digestive issues. IE : Errrrybody I see, works on their liver!

The liver takes everything from insoluble to soluble so we can shit it out.  We are in a toxic world and the liver is one super regenerative superhero rescuing us everyday from our exposures.  But as if that’s not enough for her to take on….The liver also stores some B vitamins, blood, and energy to act as our back up system, which is pretty badass.  She always has our backs. I would hormone-education a disservice if I did not tell you that the liver converts 75% of the thyroid from inactive T4 to active T3.   Okay….cool.

It is pretty fascinating to see that most women in my office are suffering with infertility & thyroiditis due to toxic exposures form over-industrialization. Giving the liver some love allows for all of us to become better participants in personal health remediation.  From there, we can become visionaries of our own healing path, and hopefully give back to all in a better way.

Digestion, Headaches,or Allergies got you feeling a bit down?

I have seen many patients digestion worsen and change.  To sum it up the changes I have seen in clinic, the digestive movement is not going down and moving up a BIT too much. This is such a SPRING THING!

Chewing your food, meditating, digesting your thoughts, and being thankful that your body is able to transform any food into the cellular matrix that makes you so uniquely you are few of the many remedies for that!  Eh, a cleanse is great too!  I am way overdue!  Sign up for the cleanse here

Fave Spring Products:

  • Liposomal C by Quick Silver Scientific to break up mucous.
  • Wild Rose D-tox Kit for cleansing.  I Do not recommend to use without consulting first! 
  • Migraine Ear seed Kit
  • Badger’s Head Ache Soother Stick
  • Better Bitters by Herb Pharm
  • AlliHist Relief by Nutra Biogenesis
  • Aller-G Defense by Prescribed Choice to have on hand for Spring Colds only.

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Receive My Best Weekly Health Tips, Recipes, and More!
Every week I send my subscribers a newsletter where I share one tried and tested Health Tip that you can use immediately to improve your health. Click "Subscribe!" to Join Now!

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