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Fermented Foodies: Sprouted Almond Rose Lassi

Why Fermented Foods?gut-health-6-pack

We Naturopaths are OBSESSED with gut health.   For years, many Docs thought we were quacks.  Now, the concept is no longer revolutionary that a balanced gut microbiota has dynamic effects on our health: digestion, metabolism, allergies, and even mood.

In clinical experience, I have found so many people are sensitive to Sulfur-containing foods (cabbage, garlic, kale, etc.) and yeasts.  Many of our fermented gut friendly go-tos are created with these common food intolerances.

Kombucha is a yeast, Kraut is loaded with uncooked sulfuric compounds, cabbage juice is so loaded with sulfur that it hasthe ability to heal an ulcer alone (16 oz/ day X 1-2 weeks).  Yet many of these sulfuric compounds may not fully breakdown as they truck through sulfur metabolizing pathway of the liver.  Metabolites are the byproducts and is a quick term that means something that cannot be fully broken down.

Metabolites are often responsible for inflammation that causes elusive symptoms such as skin rashes, brain fog, irregular weight gain and loss, and fatigue.

So what is the answer?

We need to address all the contributors in the GI tract through eliminating, replenishing, and rehabbing.

  • Eliminate offending foods to identify inflammatory factors
  • Replenish Gut Microbiota
  • Rehabilitate the Gut with herbs while replenishing

I will continue to post Gut Health Blogs with Recipes so we can become Gut Health Foodies, together!  In order to support the rehabilitation process, you must gain foods that you LOVE so that your new diet, Dieta or lifestlye, is a sustainable one. This requires you to become a mad scientist foodie in your kitchen.  It is actually quite a creative outlet and it simply takes one small step at a time to become a funtastic food formulator.

My lifestyle over the winter led me to delve into a whole new realm of gut health for foodies as I work to re-calibrate my own microbiota.  I still giggle that I was up for 48 hour days, cramming in Little Debbies as a means of caloric intake & stress eating at 2am in order to survive harsh physical, spiritual, and emotional conditions.  Though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I am paying for those dietary trade-off decisions.

This one recipe is freaking delicious! It is full of Manuka’s healing properties and loaded with billions upon billions of healthy replenishing microorganisms.  Manuka helps eliminate “bad microbes” and happens to be a sweet delight!  Manuka contains hydrogen peroxide and other enzymes that give it unique healing properties.  Note: If you’re going to spend the dollars on Manuka, go for a honey that has UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) on its labels in order to ensure it has the healing factors we are seeking.  The UMF10-14 is recommended for gut health maintenance whereas UMF16-18 is recommended in limited amounts as the phenolic compounds enhance detoxification and elimination at a therapeutic dose of 1 tbsp.

¤∴Finally…Replenish & Rehabilitate with the Honey Rose Lassi Recipe∴¤

Though this is a quick recipe, it takes 2 days to prepare with waiting time

Prep Yogurt:img_1010-jpg

  • 4 c Almond Mylk (make your own to avoid Carageenan if you are on a serious gut healing protocol) *PS: Kroger in Lynchburg has clearance  sales of sprouted milks almost every Friday
  • 2 caps of 50 Billion Probiotic, broken open
  • Heating Pad

Instructions: Place the Mylk + Caps in a Mason Jar and tie the heating pad around it, allow it to sit overnight & voila yogurt !!

*Note:  if you want to thicken it or make it so it doesn’t separate, you may add Sunflower Lechitin.  For this recipe purposes, it’s nice and thin for a drinking delight.

Honey Rose Lassi: 

Per Cup of Yogurt,

Add 2 tbsp Rose Water to Lassi c 1-3 tsp of Manuka & Blend.

Top c Sesame Seeds & Enjoy!

*********BONUS Recipe! DIY Almond Mylk************************

  • Soak 1 c Almonds over night & strain
  • 1 c Almonds : 3 c water
  • Blend
  • Strain
  • Additions:
    • Sunflower Lechitin thickening & non separating
    • 2 Dates or 1 tbsp Coconut Syrup to sweeten
    • Vanilla Beans
    • Fall Flavor (add Maple, Pecans, Pumpkin, &/or Lucuma!)



Receive My Best Weekly Health Tips, Recipes, and More!
Every week I send my subscribers a newsletter where I share one tried and tested Health Tip that you can use immediately to improve your health. Click "Subscribe!" to Join Now!

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