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Each Dollar is a Chance to Save Our Planet: Invest in Yourself to Save Our Original Mother


When I first re-entered the traditional clinical setting, I had to take a moment.  I was in a split between clinical world & activism world and how on this Planet to manage the two perfectly balanced.  I have come to find nothing is perfect. I have witnessed over and over again. When I am able to share my knowledge of the potency of Natural Medicine, my patients take it out and touch their communities.  They talk with people about herbs, they switch to cleaner products, they begin to transition to conscious consumers. They become more aligned with the natural cosmic cycles, they get in the groove. And through their lens of medicine, together, they heal the world.  They are more clear to listen to their gut, the divine strong Feminine Calling.  Not in a gender exclusive way, but in the way that is beyond physical.  That is on the Spirit Level.   Okay, back to my medical geek side…

None of us in the medical field are surprised to see the research revealed that pregnancy rates (IVF) are inversely related to pesticide exposure.   A particular study that I reviewed out of Harvard published by JAMA caught my attention. This study assessed the fertility 325 women in relation to pesticides.  They took these lady’s eggs and tried to fertilize them (in vitro, not the turkey baster method 😉 ) When the researchers modeled the effect of swapping one high-pesticide fruit or vegetable a day for a low-pesticide piece of produce, they found 79% higher odds of pregnancy and 88% higher odds of a live birth.  Though this study does not take into account the magnificent resilience of the human body, it is profound. This is one of the first of many studies to directly measure pesticide exposure and healthy birth rates.

This study hits my heart hard, as it was only two years ago that I had a miscarriage after being sprayed with heavy pesticides on a daily basis for a month in North Dakota.  Conclusion: Eating local and organic saves our Mothers & Mama Earth.

It is no surprise that balancing hormones has become a major niche for me.  As I walk the line between bio-identicals, herbs, and lifestyle, I see the balance for all of them.  And the absolute need for all of them in order to bring my patients true peace and harmony with faith and trust that they have enough to live their life to the fullest.  When we allow our women to become healthier, the world becomes more hospitable. When we heal our waters within (amniotic fluid), our children are stronger to live in a world that is exponentially intoxicating.  When our men become balanced in their being, they support the women in our communities.

So what do we do when we are out of balance?

1) Assess: what in my life can I change? Do I need to be easier on myself?  How can I support a non-toxic life? Grab my free E-Book here to get the deets. (scroll down to the pinkish tab),

Fall is the time to eliminate & let go.  What patterns are you trying to change to create more space for yourself to be the biggest baddest you? Dream to it, journal it, intend it.  Put it on your bathroom mirror and reassess daily to be sure you are taking those action steps <3

2) Get help:  Maybe you are fatigued? Stressed? In pain? Or simply cannot fathom the next step.  Reach out to your friendly local Naturopath or moi to get clear on your steps and eliminate your obstacles to cure <3. Join a community movement!  Get the support you need and deserve.

3) Reset your gut, reset your dieta (diet = lifestyle), Reset your mind:  If this seems too difficult to fit in, invest in yourself.  I know I cannot do it alone. I have regular re-evaluation to deepen my healing  with my 5-element plant medicine practitioners, with my counselor, with my community, with my Yoga studio, with my NP, and with my Chinese medicine folk.

Still a bit lost? Here are some more specific tips to see what you may be missing….

Assessing Hormones

Honestly, the Dutch Test is where it is at.  It is a comprehensive urine analysis to see if you are metabolizing your hormones properly or if you are making enough hormones or maybe even too much.  You can evaluate your sex hormones (T, Estrogen, Progesterone). You can evaluate your stress hormones (cortisol). The endocrine system is complicated and intertwined.  If your health care provider is not focusing on ALL of your lifestyle and hormones (insulin, stress hormones, happy hormones, sex hormones, thyroid hormones), find someone to supplement your health in conjunction with the services they are providing.  In this day and age when we are expected to be ON 20/6, we need to supplement in order to prevent disease. Find your local Naturopathic Doc and be sure you have a communicative health team at your side.

Why do blood hormone levels not provide the full picture?

Well, many hormones are on the cosmic cycle of life.  They rise with the sun and go down with the sun. This is due to the production of cortisol.  The urine test allows for you to look at the metabolites to ensure you are breaking down your hormones properly or if they are getting lost in the pathway.   There could be a chance that your liver is not functioning properly to convert your hormones from fat soluble to water soluble so you can detoxify them properly.

Not all hormones need to be assessed because with the time of day.  Serum (blood) Thyroid & Insulin are great. Side note: monitoroing sex hormone levels via blood is standard & necessary.

How do I know when and which herbs to use or if Bio identicals are the way to go?

This is when you really need to find a good health care provider.  I am a plant person and in my opinion, herbs are always the first line for hormone balancing.  Almost every patient of mine gets an adaptogen blend. This is herb geek talk for herbs that help you manage stress (aka balance stress hormones).

When in excess, or imblanced, cortisol can raise blood sugar (Insulin), steal your progesterone to make more cortisol, and basically wreak havoc on your system.  This fab 4 are some of my besties during times of trouble:

  • Tulsi Tincture and Tea
  • Motherwort 1/2 glycerite 1/2 ETOH
  • Catnip Tea
  • Chamomile  Glycerite


I often have women walk into my office when they are ready to discontinue bhrt (bio-identical hormone therapy).   When you begin to read, it seems like a single herb is a cure all for everything. They really are, and then there are the ace-in-the hole herbs that are the most loyal friends of mine. Any woman with PCOS finds solace in some.  Any woman with hot flashes finds solace in others. Often, my patients end up growing some of the herbs that they drop in their mouth because the herbs were such life savers!

We are always stronger together, optimizing Lifestyle is a MUST!

Who doesn’t want to one-up their life?  Most of us allow fear, finances, or complacency to stop us.  I have never seen a treatment work without solid nutritional foundations in practice, a regular movement routine, adequate sleep, mindfulness, and community.  Find your healthy peoples, develop relationship. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water, get a good Doc, and enjoy the process. Nothing happens over night, but with diligent practice and consistency, you are going to rock it and inspire change in all of us.

Without becoming more healthy in ourselves first, we will never have the energy and clarity to help make more effective steps to heal our environment, our original Mother, our Waters.  Keep up your strong path.  It is our absolute diligence to continue this work so that our children will have extended lifespans that are nourished with beauty and quality.  Be brave, head up, and let us lift each other.

Receive My Best Weekly Health Tips, Recipes, and More!
Every week I send my subscribers a newsletter where I share one tried and tested Health Tip that you can use immediately to improve your health. Click "Subscribe!" to Join Now!


  1. susan on December 16, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    My new nursing graduate daughter and I were just discussing the treatment methods of traditionally trained MDs vs functionally trained health care providers. If you have ever worked in a hospital setting there are many that believe the saying,” Doctors treat diseases and nurses treat people”. ( btw, Nurses are the angels among us;) Ideally we can all learn from one another. I believe Functional medicine is the best healthcare we have in the 21st century. Medicine is evolving but most people have a misconception as to exactly what Functional medicine is. Most Functionally trained doctors will spend around one and a half hours to offer a comprehensive approach to wellness as compared to the average medical appointment last approx. seven minutes. I’m a retired RN and was use to an environment where peoples conditions were treated via pharmaceutical medications, surgery and other methods. Its an interesting time for all of us to rediscover just exactly what total wellness feels like. lets all do our own research and take responsibility for our own well being. I suggest we start with an open mind and open heart.

    • Profile photo of Alexandra Cope Alexandra Cope on December 31, 2018 at 4:41 pm

      So right! I LOVE NURSES & Functional Medicine !

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