My Journey to Health: An Intimate Story.

Sick Mask

Hello ! I am here to open up, to be honest, to be vulnerable… I want you to  know my story.  The best part of being in the natural health industry is you get to be a mad scientist, testing all of the methods on yourself.  Once they work for you, you feel amazing and…

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How NSAIDs Block the Pathway for Healing


I recall a terrifying mind-body study I heard years ago that concluded taking Tylenol (not an NSAID – read more below) is not only a top cause for liver failure in the United States, but it also reduces peoples capacity for empathy.  With the world as we know it today, what we need is empathy…

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How to Find Healing & Cutting through Appropriation


I personally found Naturopathic Medicine through a soul calling, one of those things that I was destined to find.  Having a name that calls for respect by society and healing the whole person was something I knew was necessary.  And, I knew from the first day of classes, that this education was not the only…

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Self Care Game Strong.


The appropriated bloggers are not giving you the full truth.  Self care is not always sweet and bubbly or a Yoga Pose on the top of the mountain.  They fail to tell you what the trek to the top of that mountain looked like. I may be a bit jaded and I have a history…

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Copesthetic Gut: Food Fears Flying & Traveling


I’m not gonna lie, I get food anxiety almost every time I travel.  Will it be healthy?  How on Earth can I eat at the effin Charlotte Airport?? They don’t even have sugar free almond mylk there?! OMG! The struggle is real when you are a foodie obsessed with health and when you are in…

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About Dr. Alexana

Dr. Cope deeply enjoys and appreciates working with patients to holistically balance hormones, manage depression and anxiety, and weight management. Dr. Cope also manages diabetes, endocrine conditions such as thyroid, and cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure and cholesterol. Dr. Cope's treatment comprises of a unique combination of nutritional supplementation, body work, custom herbal formulations, flower essences, personalized cooking and shopping plans. Dr. Cope truly believes minor changes in your daily routine is a key factor to health. Alongside treating the current symptoms, Dr. Cope investigates & addresses the root cause of your disease so that you may shift closer to centeredness and health with more ease. She will work with you in order to establish a daily routine that works with your schedule and most efficiently nourishes you so that you may go out in the community a more joyful beautiful you.