Dr. Cope's Unique Approach

Does this mission resonate with you?

Do you notice that you are more fatigued during certain times of the month and on top of the world during other times? 
It is only when you address your health first that you become whole enough in order to give back to your community. From there, enough space is created for truth and justice.

My Specialties...

  • Fertility
  • Fertility Awareness / Alternative Birth Control Methods
  • PCOS & PMS
  • Pre-Conception & Family Planning
  • Trauma
  • Inherited Family Trauma
  • Emotional & Spiritual Support


For Our Children...

There is a chilling fact out there that my generation is going to be the first generation that our children may die before us.  Yes, that's right... the life expectancy of the future generations is dramatically decreasing.  It is our diligence to take responsibility for our selves, not only is it necessary, it is selfish to waste your health as we have the power to make cancerous  genes turn on and off for our grandchildren.  Epigenetics says its so.


What is the best for YOU? 

Take a moment to check in with yourself.  Does this feel right in your body? Or are you tired of options? Timing is everything for a fertility care plan.  And the information overload is wild.  You may be looking into egg freezing/IVF/IUI or fertility lattes.  Whatever it is, I can help you navigate what fits best into your unique life.

The next step is to schedule a mini-appt and ensure that we are a good fit.  If we are not, I'm in a network with other fertility specialists around the nation/world and I ensure you I can find the match for you.

Is it your hormones or digestive system that is stopping you from getting pregnant?

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