Dr. Cope's Unique Approach

Whatever brings you here, welcome, all are welcome.  I am genuinely grateful to work with those that are curious and ready to heal each of the parts so that you can walk more gracefully being who you are made to be in this world.  I work from the ground up and the branches to the ground.  I want you to feel relief immediately while we work together to examine what the root or core of dis-ease is.  The thing about me is that I am not only an intellect, but I am a total sensitive. I have consistently been on my own self healing journey to heal my core, which has led me to a true integrative approach.  I apply a scientific method of assessing and addressing disease while still holding the whole you.  We cannot break down research on a spiritual and emotional level, but we can apply deeper levels of healing while working with whatever symptoms and diagnoses that are ailing you.  To have a team working together in your health and a Doctor on your side that can work with you on a holistic and integrative medical approach is priceless.  Cheers to your health!




Dr. Cope takes you through the steps to become empowered in your femininity through learning the steps of your cycle, how to heal menstrual disharmony with herbs and nutrition, and how to maximise your productivity and health according to the moon and your menstrual cycle.  


If you have suffered from infertility, lack of pleasure with sex, menopause, painful periods, or irregular cycles; and been put on hormonal contraception or felt unheard by your Doctor, Dr. Cope is your Doc. She  can take you from confusion to educating your friends and family on all things women’s health.  

Dr. Cope goes beyond the unexplained and uses the most recent literature to find the root cause of infertility and hormone imbalance.  Often laboratory values are outdated that are accepted as normal in medicine.  She uses WHO latest values for couples that are conceiving, successfully.  


Where egg quality and cycles are generally addressed with pharmaceuticals or medical intervention 



2021 - Somatic Experiencing, Advanced Training

2018 - School of Divine Wonder + Herbal Wisdom 3-year certification // Elemental Plant Medicine + Flower Essence Therapy 

2016 - Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine, NUNM, Licensed by Oregon Board 

2014 - New England School of Homeopathy Certificate 

2006 - BS Psychology + Biology, Honors


  • Fertility
  • Fertility Awareness / Alternative Birth Control Methods
  • Research-Driven Body work for Fertility // Egg + Uterine Health
  • Hormone Cycle Tracking Education
  • PCOS & PMS
  • Pre-Conception & Family Planning
  • Personalized Nutrition & Supplements
  • Personalized Lifestyle Assessment
  • Drug-Nutrient Interactions
  • Trauma Trained Somatic Experiencing
  • Emotional & Spiritual Support
  • Nervous System Coherence using Somatic Therapy
  • Laboratory Evaluation using Functional Medicine
  • Longer Visit Times
  • Telehealth or In-Person
  • Network of top referrals for your individual needs 
  • Meal Plans Available



  • Pregnancy
  • Pain-Free Lifestyle
  • Pain-Free Periods
  • Feeling well resourced
  • Toxin-Free Home
  • Healthier Children & Family
  • Be clear on when to exercise and when to rest according to your cycle
  • Weight-loss for fertility // weight-gain for fertility
  • Find Ease in Perimenopause
  • Relief from sustained stress responses / trauma
  • Digestive Ease

What is the best for YOU? 

Take a moment to check in with yourself.  Does this feel right in your body? Or are you tired of options? Timing is everything for a fertility care plan.  And the information overload is wild.  You may be looking into egg freezing/IVF/IUI or fertility lattes.  Whatever it is, I can help you navigate what fits best into your unique life.

The next step is to schedule a mini-appt and ensure that we are a good fit.  If we are not, I'm in a network with other fertility specialists around the nation/world and I ensure you I can find the match for you.