This 1 Month Program is for you if you are working for...

  •  Release Weight.

  •  Hormone Harmony.

  • Energetic Vibration.

  • Digestive Ease.

  • Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Balance.

What you will receive:

  1. Cleanse Supplements - 15% discount
  2. GI Regeneration Supplements are optional (case-by-case basis)
  3. Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation of your unique body to identify the underlying cause of any diagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms
  4. Interactive Workbook
  5. Diagnostic techniques to identify Food Allergies & Intolerance(s).  Save $600 on the labs used to diagnose.
  6. An in-depth Review on rewiring food relationships
  7. HEAL LEAKY GUT with this program & continued care in order to bring back foods that you love in your diet to your liking.
  8. Finally, Diet comes from the term, Dieta, or lifestyle.  This program, shall you choose to meet me where I am at, has the ability to transform your life.
  9. Save time & Money !!


My Story...Orrrr scroll straight to the bottom to get to the point if you please 😉

I am standing here, fully on my own two feet to tell you a bit of this story and how this cleanse has become my baby.  Like all babies, you will see it grow and evolve over the years as I grow and evolve. It is my hope that it becomes a co-creation of the community through your experiences, participation, feedback, and reciprocation.

This cleanse is my near and dear touch in center point for 2 reasons. 1) Since I can remember, I have been running.  I have been on the-go.  Part of that is constitution and part of that is trauma.  The cleanse forces me to work to nourish myself, to become more sensitive and attuned to what I am putting in my body via calculation.  2) The second reason is this cleanse lifted me up when I was at my sickest.  During the third major trauma of my life, I was inundated with god-know-what chemicals and my spirit was so ill.  I had given my all to a cause and kept nothing left for myself.  So I needed a method to scrub my organs clean and re-calibrate my micro biome.

I had a horrible relationship with food, with myself, and with my family.  I felt like I had nothing left, but I still managed to see patients part time, because hey thats all I had and we gotta set aside our own pile of shit sometimes to live our purpose, eh?

The first 2 times I did this cleanse, I had so many metals in my system from pesticides, that my mouth became too sensitive to even handle anything cold.  I had the taste of copper pennies.  I thought my digestion was a mess before then.  I had rebound gained and lost weight so many times since my miscarriage and chemical exposure, that I thought I would never stabilize.  My weight was a reflection of where I was at in my life, my relationship with food, and total hormone and microbiome imbalance.

So, the only way I could take control was starting from the outside and digging in when I had enough capacity to be with myself.  I invite you into this cleanse at any level you are at in this moment in time.  Each person gets a 30 minute free consult so I can customize it to you.  If you are too depleted to follow the program, we customize in order to nourish you.  If you are ready for a good ole’ hormone reset simultaneously, we expedite the balancing and it takes about 1/3 of the time it does in office.


What Others are Saying:

The Copesthetic Health Cleanse created and overseen by Dr. Alexandra Cope, Naturopathic Medical Doctor, was absolutely transformational for me. I have suffered from a significant inflammatory response to "something" for several years. Many, many dollars spent and visits to dermatologists, specialists, urgent care providers and primary care doctors resulted in the same outcome. My Diagnosis was always a generic and broad label followed up by pharmaceutical interventions such as antibiotics, steroids, creams and ointments. All of which failed to help because they simply were not eliminating the root trigger of my dis-ease. Often times that conversation (root cause) was discouraged and deterred. My gut instinct (pun intended) led me to believe that I was suffering from some form of intestinal disbiosis. Fast forward, The Copesthetic Cleanse. Dr. Cope provided the small and intimate group of participants with a cleanse tool kit and roadmap for absolute success. She thoroughly discussed and shared each step, stumble, roadblock, pinnacle, high and low that we might experience (and I experienced all might I add). She understands this best as she has spent years refining and enhancing this program. She was available via text, messenger, Facebook support group and phone within minutes if there were any urgent needs. Within five days post cleanse I saw powerful signs of healing. This healing was a result of a very nutrient dense diet, resting my digestive system by way of juicing, incorporating appropriate supplements and several other holistic practices that she recommends and shared oversite on.

The human body is powerful, fascinating and has the capacity to heal itself sans pharmaceutical drugs if given the proper tools. I encourage everyone whether seemingly well or suffering from any form of dis-ease to contact Dr. Cope and discuss your health goals. Even if you are simply interested in a seasonal reboot. Her knowledge and wisdom is well beyond her years on Mother Earth. I wish everyone health and wellness during this season.

Sincerely, Jessica